Custom Hand Carved Signature Wedding Rings

Creating Custom Hand Carved Signature Wedding Rings was a new experience for us at Walker Goldsmiths.  We received an email from some sweet folks who wanted to redo their rings.  Now, what’s a Redo you might ask?  It’s a doing over of their Wedding Rings!  Sometimes when couples decide to get married there’s finances to consider, designs that seem almost right but not really, inherited jewelry that “will do” but they’re not your real choice, plus we grow and our likes and dislikes change.

Photo of the Signature Wedding Ring Set hand-carved by Owen Walker

Signature Wedding Ring Set hand-carved by Owen Walker

   Jewelry is ALWAYS an emotional issue.  What we choose to adorn our bodies with is a representation of who we are or want to be.  When Michelle and Charlie found us they had been looking at Owen’s hand carved Bracelets on our website and enjoying the play of light and the deep carving.  Owen has done many Northwest Coast Style hand carved Rings throughout the years, but this was a new take on hand carved rings.  It took us a few tries and much communication to figure out just what Michelle and Charlie wanted their rings to look like.

Charlie and Owen came to the conclusion that there was “some confusion regarding what we “see” in the bracelet and perhaps what we have been able to communicate.” 

Photo of Owen's bracelet with diagrams of desired carving

Figuring out what parts are wanted

It wasn’t the North West Totem symbols they wanted; they wanted “an abstract version” of their personal signatures on their rings with Owens carving embellishing them!  We kept going back and forth with definitions of “carved texture”.  It was a stretch for us to understand, but what fun!

Photo of the Handcarved Signature Wedding Rings by Owen Walker

The Hand-carved Signature Wedding Rings by Owen Walker

 Thank you Michelle and Charlie for giving Walker Goldsmiths the opportunity to work with you and explore a new and very personal way of representing themselves to the world.

In my mind it’s a new take on the ancient Phoenician Signature Cylinder Seals or the Egyptian seals in the form of signet-rings of kings.  Ancient ways in a new form!

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