Custom Men’s Wedding Ring

Custom Sterling Silver Ring with Leaves and Branches

Sterling Ring Custom Carved Leaves and Branches

Walker Goldsmiths love to make Custom Wedding Rings!  Kris and Megan came to us for her Custom Engagement Ring and it was a pleasure to make.  She wanted only one ring to be used as an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring.  Megan had a definite idea about how it should look and was able to draw it out for me to carve in wax.  The end result was fabulous!  We communicated as I was able to guide her ideas into a ring that was durable, practical and beautiful.

Kris and Megan came back to us when it was time to make a Custom Wedding Ring for Kris.  He wanted a ring that went well with the ideas they originally had of symbols of the earth on their important jewelry.  So it was branches and leaves again, and the challenge for me was to carve a Custom Men’s Wedding Ring with these natural symbols.  I loved the challenge!  There would be no stone on Kris’ ring but the branches would be textured like bark with leaves with veins shaped and carved. Kris OK’d the wax carving and Owen lost wax cast it in Sterling Silver. The intention was to antique the Sterling Silver to enhance the natural look like Megan’s ring. Sterling takes on such a wonderful patina when oxidized and then the high points are polished creating depth and dimension.  I think Walker Goldsmiths accomplished the task of creating a beautiful Custom Leafy Men’s Wedding Ring for Kris and Megan.  Thank you again, Megan and Kris, for letting Walker Goldsmiths share in your excitement and happiness with these nature inspired Custom Wedding Rings!

Branches and the Sea Custom Engagement Ring

Branches and the Sea Custom Engagement Ring

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