Custom Nautical Braid Wedding Ring for a Sailor

Custom Nautical Braided Wedding Ring

Sterling Silver Custom Nautical Braided Wedding Ring

Walker Goldsmiths received an opportunity to make a Custom Nautical Braid Wedding Band for Weston and Anna.  I’ve always loved nautical braided ropes, macrame’, fancy braided applications on ships and anything to do with Sailor Knots, all too cool to me!  I did Macrame’ for years and had some interesting leather cord tucked away.  When Weston said, “I want a Nautical Braided ring that has no holes through it and it must have a solid inside”,  my mind went searching about to find a way to do just that.  So I braided up a length of the leather cord and taped it all together on the ends, wrapped it in a big circle and molded it in our wonderful clear mold product.  When it was all set up and cured I cut out the cord and Owen shot the mold full of wax for me.  I then made the circle to the right size and used melted wax to firm up the ring and create a comfort fit solid substantial ring for Weston.  We invested this wax and cast it in Sterling Silver and it turned out beautiful.  This ring is wonderful, comfortable, sturdy and attractive. It is sort of a Story Ring because Weston is a Sailor and knots have a big meaning to him in his chosen profession. Weston came out to try it on and loved it!

Weston and Anna were heading off to a great adventure that his profession was determining.  Weston had worked for the Coast and Geodetic Survey people and had just landed a job with NOAH in the Netherlands.  Very exciting.  They were getting married and packing up everything and moving there right away.  We had to scurry to get this done for Weston.  Anna was recycling some old gold and a diamond from a previous relationship and we bought her diamond and gold to pay for Weston’s ring.  This recycling of old unwanted jewelry was a big success because they needed every cent they could get to move to the Netherlands. Thank you, Anna and Weston, for including us in your adventure by letting Walker Goldsmiths create this Custom Nautical Braid Wedding Band .  We loved it and wish you two the very best dreams come true!

Weston's Sterling Braid Wedding Band

Weston’s Sterling Silver Braid Wedding Band

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