Walker Goldsmiths Designs Custom Pendant from Company Logo


Walker Goldsmiths Custom Gold Pendant designed from Company Logo

Walker Goldsmiths was privileged and honored to turn a lovely Company Logo design into a custom pendant for friends Sheryl and Steve’s wedding. Sheryl’s daughter-in-law, Katie, created the original design as a logo for their business. The design is two intertwined S’s, the first letter of each of their names, Sheryl and Steve. One S of the custom pendant would be 14kt white gold and the other 14kt yellow. Sheryl had a beautiful ¾ ct diamond and wanted it set in the center space of the pendant so we went to work! Janet carved the complete custom pendant of intertwined S’s in wax then cut them apart to cast in two colors of gold; white and yellow.

Photo of Sheryl's Custom Pendant Measurement

Sheryl’s Custom Pendant Measurement

Owen then worked his magic casting the two colored S’s and then soldered them back together in the appropriate places. Owen set the ¾ ct. diamond in the center space in a “tapered tube crown”. The whole custom pendant is only 1 inch tall including the bail. Sheryl likes a box chain so we got a 16 inch yellow 14kt gold chain for her. The whole effect is subtle and tailored, yet dramatic.
Thank you, Sheryl and Steve, for letting Walker Goldsmiths create this custom pendant and be a part of this wonderful celebration. You’re bringing together of two families into one joyous experience and determination of life and we love how this design, by Katie, reflects the solid goals and mixture of energy. Congratulations!!


Walker Goldsmiths Custom Pendant designed from Company Logo

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