Custom Sterling CTR Emblem Ring

Custom CTR Emblem Ring with side swirls

Custom Sterling Emblem Ring with Swirls

Walker Goldsmiths has often been asked to make Custom Emblem Rings. They’re fun to do primarily because they’re so personal to the folks who want them.  What are Emblem Rings you ask?  Coats of Arms, Heraldic Badges, Initials, Symbols, and Seals are all emblems of something special to someone.  What is a Seal? A seal is a device for making an impression in wax, clay, on paper or some other medium.

Cylinder seals were used from the 3rd millennium BC in Mesopotamia for authenticating the clay tablet documents.  The ancient Greeks and Romans used a Signet ring for the same purpose.  It was an ornate ring with a seal or signet carved into it, which could be used to press a seal onto a document; to seal a document closed by pressing the Signet Ring into hot wax and the impression left was a signature mark.

In this case the Emblem on this Custom Ring is the initials CTR, Choose The Right, a type of seal that when worn on a ring makes an impression on the mind of the  wearer to choose the right in all things.

Sterling Silver Custom CTR Emblem Ring

Holley’s Custom CTR Emblem Ring

We’ve known Holley and her family all her life and we’re proud to say that Walker Goldsmiths are their family jewelers!  Holley’s Grandma called me to tell me that Holley’s birthday was coming up and she wanted to get a CTR ring for her as a gift and I said, “Sure, just send her down to talk to us and get her ring size right.”  Sad to say Grandma passed away just shortly thereafter.  Holley knew that Grandma wanted her to have a CTR Ring as a gift from her, so Holley came to us for a Custom CTR Ring and Holley had specific ideas about how she wanted it to look.  She wanted it to be a fairly simple band and  have a feminine look about it with swirls going up and down each side.  So that’s what we did, Holley designed it, we made it how she wanted it and it looks great!

I called Holley to tell her that her ring was done and she came by Walker Goldsmiths’ Studio to pick it up.  One sweet little scene that I’ll never forget was when Holley put on the Custom CTR Ring and it fit just right she lifted her eyes up to the ceiling and softly said, “Thank you, Grandma”.  Yes, thank you, Shirley…

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