Custom Story Wedding Rings in 14kt Gold

Photo of Elk carving on Custom 'Wedding Ring

Rosma and Grahams Custom Story Wedding Rings

We love to create Custom Wedding Rings here at Walker Goldsmiths and when we can do Custom Story Rings it’s even more fun.  Graham and Rosma came to us wanting Custom Wedding Rings and they provided a very interesting challenge for us.  They wanted 14kt Gold – no problem.  They wanted to incorporate their two personalities into the rings – fun challenge!

 Graham is your exceptional American boy growing up hunting and shooting in the Rocky Mts. of Colorado, served in the US Army in Iraq, and sports a big glowing personality. Rosma is a sweet beauty from the Marshall Islands.  She speaks Ebon, the language of the Marshall Islands, and sings and dances their traditional dances like a princess.

When Graham came to us wanting Wedding Rings he specifically wanted to create something that incorporated and represented who they were individually. (I rubbed my hands together gleefully at this point!)  Rosma’s ring was to be a 14kt yellow gold Lily Flower Wedding Ring with a beautiful sparkly white diamond in the center and a band to fit along side covered in leaves.  Grahams 14kt yellow Custom Story Wedding Band was the big challenge; to incorporate their two personalities in carved pictures. Graham wanted on one side primarily an Elk to represent his hunting life in the Rocky Mountains accented with evergreen trees trailing off to ferns, flowers, sand dunes, surf and palm trees representing Rosma on the other side.  WOW, you say!!  I really raised my eyebrows at that, but I carved the wax with close checking by Graham to get it just right.  Owen Walker lost wax cast it in 14kt yellow gold and it was beautiful indeed. Thank you, Graham and Rosma for this fun challenge! We did it at Walker Goldsmiths and successfully in an 8mm wide 14kt yellow gold Custom Story Wedding Ring.   Check out our blog about story rings here.

Photo of Carved Story Rings in 14kt Gold

Custom Story Wedding Rings for Graham and Rosma

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