Custom Surfer Story Ring with a Doberman

Custom Surf Ring with Doberman Pup

Custom Surf Ring with Doberman Pup

This Custom Surfer Ring with a Doberman by Walker Goldsmiths is a personalized variation of our Surfer Rings.  We are having a lot of fun designing Surfer Rings and meeting people who love the sea and being on and around it.  That’s basically us!  Owen and I don’t surf but many of our kids do and we understand the emotional appeal and pull of the sea.  Living on the Pacific NW Coast we have spent many a year on fishing boats and enjoying water sports whether it’s salt or fresh water.  It’s always been a whole family experience and we know that puppy dogs are part of families.

Danielle got in contact with us asking for a Surfer Story Ring with palm trees and crashing roller waves and their Dobie puppy dog featured on it. No problem! She specified, “I am looking to have the Dobie cropped and docked (pointy ears and short tail).”  This was to be an anniversary surprise for her husband so she had to be sneaky and send us pictures of their pup so I could get a good idea of his shape to carve on the ring.  I carved it out and sent pictures to Danielle as we went along so she could approve before we went to casting.  Owen lost wax cast it and finished it to perfection.  The fact that it was cast in Sterling Silver allowed us to oxidize it so the 3-D carving is obvious and perfect for this very personal ring.  The appeal of Story rings is the ability to portray a personal view that you want to remember or celebrate.

It’s fun for Walker Goldsmiths to be involved in surprises like this, a real perk of the job!  Thank you, Danielle, for letting us do this Custom Surfer Story Ring with a Doberman for your Sweetheart.

Danielle's Dobie

Danielle’s Dobie

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  1. Danielle Carpenito says:

    Thank you both so much for making this beautiful ring, it is a work of art, and came out BEYOND my wildest expectations. It was a please to work with you, and I’m sure we will be buying more from you in the near future!! Thanks again
    Danielle, Adam & Karmathedobie

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