Custom Surfer Wedding Rings

A Custom Surfer Sapphire Wedding Ring

Deep Bright Blue Sapphire wave crashing on the Beach with this Surf Wedding Ring

Walker Goldsmiths particularly love ANYTHING to do with the sea and making sea themed jewelry is a real treat for us. Custom Surfer Wedding Rings fall right in that category!

Our son, Owen Garland, met a very fine fellow when he was working years ago in San Diego, CA. Andrew and he hit it off and became good friends often Surfing being the adventure. Andrew lived in Carlsbad right near the beach, so handy to ride the waves. I even had an opportunity to go surfing with the kids on a visit down to see them, so my reference to Andrew was also Surfing. They were all of the age of marrying and starting their families. Andrew still hadn’t found his “Sweetie”.

When we talked to Andrew last 4th of July on his visit up to see us he mentioned that he had found the girl of his dreams.  This was great news! He said he had to make the decision about marriage and get on with asking Avery to marry him since he was a college student still and changing his degree directions he felt a bit insecure. We cheered him on to go for it and our married kids encouraged him to make the leap. When he was leaving with a big grin he told us he would give us a call about rings. After a few months he did!

We’ve always loved and enjoyed Andrew so the prospect of him marrying and having a family to help give him purpose and adventure in his life is a joy to us. He pretty much gave us free reign with the design with few restrictions or directions other than wanting a Sapphire stone and something that looked sort of like a picture that they found together and emailed to us. I noticed that it reminded me so much of a wave that I was driven to that and memories of surfing that day with Andrew and our kids. Owen went Sapphire searching and I started designing. The Sapphire Owen Walker found turned out to be a gorgeous dark bright blue that was a perfect color for the deep center of a crashing wave. It was a totally fun ring to make. Then the design for making Andrew’s ring just fell into place. He wanted a simple 7mm band, but I had to jazz it up with carving to create a beach gravel look. It was a surprise to him and I was anxious, but he loved it and Avery did too. Thank you so much kids for incorporating Walker Goldsmiths into the finishing touches on the symbols of your promises to each other, the Custom Surfer Rings. We’re so very happy for you.

Custom Surfer Beach Wedding Ring

Custom Surfer Beach Wedding Ring


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