Custom Sweethearts Memorial Diamond Ring


Walker Goldsmiths has had the privilege to make a Custom Sweethearts Memorial Diamond Ring for a young woman that we’ve known for quite a few years now. Kim has shown up at Walker Goldsmiths Studio now and again with jewelry to repair or redesign, or ideas for more rings. Kim is a ring wearer and a hard worker so her rings take a beating. We’ve been very willing to fix her up with repairs and diamond replacements or whatever the need may be. We’ve even bought stones and recycled metal from her in trade for work done. She’s very savvy in that respect.                                                                                                                                               

14kt Gold and Diamonds Memorial Ring with hearts and initials

14kt Gold and Diamonds Memorial Ring

                                                                                                                                               We were all shocked and saddened when Kim’s husband died so very unexpectedly of a massive stroke. They were such sweethearts! And Kevin died way too young!! After a period of time of intense sorrow and regrouping Kim had to handle getting his things together to distribute to family…what to give away – what to keep…

 Since Kim is such a ring lover she came upon the perfect way to memorialize Kevin in a close and personal way that is her style. Kim came to Walker Goldsmiths with his wedding ring and an old class ring, plus some odds and ends of gold and diamonds. She had sort of an idea of what she wanted this Memorial Ring to look like, so I drew some pictures and we talked until the right design sang to her heart. I then carved a wax of the entwined hearts with their initials in each heart that she envisioned. Hearts, especially the overlapping or entwined hearts are an ancient symbol that have become the icon for love and the human soul. Kim and Kevin were indeed soul mates and the heart shapes that she wanted on her ring symbolizes the love and affection that bound each other together.

Hearts and diamonds on a custom 14kt gold Memorial Ring

Custom 14kt Gold and Diamonds Memorial ring with initials

Owen Walker lost wax cast the Memorial Ring in her recycled 14kt yellow gold that was her husbands rings. Then 8 melee diamonds were hammer-set to strategically snuggle up to the hearts and Kim’s .30 diamond was set in a crown in the apex of the hearts. She now has a Custom Sweethearts Memorial Ring symbol of Kevin and their love and affection which binds them together to wear on her hand always. Thank you, Kim, for letting Walker Goldsmiths be a part of this lovely, yet sorrowful, process.






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