Custom Wedding Band Surfer Ring – Replacement

Wedding ring for Surfer

Brandon’s replacement Custom Surfer Wedding Ring

Brandon got a hold of Walker Goldsmiths singing the blues, “I lost my previous wedding ring two weeks ago while swimming in the Pacific Ocean – I still can’t believe it. My ring was engraved with ocean waves- symbolizing the Oregon Coast where I met my wife.”

 I told him there would be no problem as “Story Rings” and “Surfer Rings” are such fun to make for folks. So this would be a Custom Wedding Band Replacement. Things happen to jewelry in this life and we’re here to help fix the problem. We definitely knew that his previous ring was too big and we could fix that right up. I emailed him right back, “So sorry to hear about your ring loss 🙁  I hate losing jewelry!!! ) I’ve always said that “jewelry is an emotional issue” and it’s so true.  So let’s make a new ring for you that embodies lovely “stories” of you and your sweetheart.  We’d love to do this!”

 He got to thinking and emailed me with, “I would also like to incorporate a Chinook salmon – I really like the Native American “Salish” style salmon seen in your pendant #401 – the Chinook symbolizes one of our first dates when I took my wife salmon fishing and it’s also one of my hobbies. I would also like to incorporate a mountain –symbolizing where I proposed to my wife on Saddle Mountain (Oregon Coast Range). These are the three  “must have” elements I would like to have in the ring.  But, if there is room for additional elements, fire could be added to the design. The summer I met my wife we were both firefighters for the U.S. Forest Service, helping to protect the Pacific Northwest from wildfires.  Another feature that would represent our lives is Douglas-fir – the state tree of Oregon.  The tree represents our home state and our passion for the outdoors. It also represents my profession as a forester. Does this design sound feasible?”

 I picked myself up off the floor and had a good laugh thinking about fitting ALL THAT STORY on an 8mm wide ring! Then told him, “OK, Size 10. 8mm wide, Sterling Silver. Motifs; Saddle Back Mt., Salish Salmon, Douglas Fir Tree, Surf Waves, Fire.” And got to work! I drew up a couple of designs and Brandon made some choices and suggestions.  We came to a design that we both liked and I started carving it in wax.  I sent him photos along the way and when he gave the final OK Owen Walker lost wax cast it in Tarnish Resistant Sterling Silver.  I oxidized it specifically to enhance the scenes and it looks great.

It really was a lot of fun for us at Walker Goldsmiths. This Surfer Story Ring turned out wonderful and Brandon’s wife is happy again now that her sweetie has his Custom Surfer Wedding Ring. Thanks for the opportunity, Brandon.                                                                                                            Surfs Up!

Story Ring of Mountains on Fire

Custom Mountains on Fire Story Ring

Saddle Mt. on Story Wedding Ring

Saddle Mt. on Story Wedding Ring


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