Fall in love with this Challenging Design for a Wedding Ring.

Custom Wedding Band made in 14kt White Gold

Wedding Band Custom made to fit Engagement Ring

We love a challenge here at Walker Goldsmiths and Custom work always is just that. Creating a Custom Wedding Ring to fit an Engagement Ring is a fun challenge. We like to include the customer in the process and really get a vision of the personality of the person who is going to wear the ring.

These young folks who came to us wanting a Wedding Ring already had the Engagement Ring. Ryan had purchased a lovely large Aquamarine mounted in an antique setting and Hannah loves it. The setting and shank of the antique Aquamarine ring is fragile and lovely. We talked with Hannah about the feasibility of creating a Wedding Ring that would snug up and slightly wrap the crown of the Aquamarine. This beautiful ring, because of it’s antique quality and fragility, needs to be supported if she intends to wear it every day as her wedding set and Walker Goldsmiths wants to help make that possible.

Hannah loves to doodle and in fact showed me a page from a journal with her doodles! I like to ask people what style do you like, just to get the ball rolling, and Hannah whipped out her journal and said “Swirly”! So we started drawing and exchanging “Swirls” in emails and eventually really communicated on a design; swirls and leaves in 14kt white gold with dew drop diamonds. I carved the wax, Hannah OK’d it and off we went to casting and setting stones.

Hannah’s Great Grandmother had given her a little gold cross with a dozen little melee diamonds on it. She had previously sold the gold but still had a little baggy with the diamonds, so we decided that the “Dew Drop” effect would work good with this design. It’s a special and sentimental way to use the diamonds and carry on the memory of her Grandmother on Hannah’s Custom Wedding Band. I think the Wedding Band turned out beautiful and Grandmother would be pleased. Hannah also came out to the Studio with a little bag of old jewelry that she wanted Recycled into this piece. That really helps these young kids get the price down for them.

After the wedding Hannah and Ryan will come back out to Walker Goldsmiths Studio and Owen will solder the two rings together creating that extra support for her antique ring. Thanks for the fun, Hannah and Ryan, and may you have a most wonderful life together!

14kt White Gold Wedding Band being set with Dew Drop Diamonds by Owen Walker

White Gold Wedding Band being set with Dew Drop Diamonds by Owen Walker


Custom Wedding Band with Swirls and Dew Drops in 14kt White Gold

Swirls and Dew Drops Custom Wedding Band

Wax Wedding Band made to fit Engagement Ring

Carved Wax Custom Wedding Band

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  1. Rita Poe says:

    Well ” ) My fiance and I did fall in love with this challenging design . Can it be duplicated ? And at what cost. ? I may have some gold rings to recycle ? Georgous ! Thank you.

    • Janet Walker says:

      Yes this is a beauty!! And it can be done to your specifications. Glad to help you get what YOU want. It’s one of a kind since I carved it for these kids, but I can carve one similar for you too! It was crafted to fit around her solitaire ring. Is that what you want or do you want us to provide a solitaire too? We can even create a single ring that looks similar, like two rings but is really one. That is the most economical way to go. And yes, we recycle your gold rings, no problem! Doesn’t matter what color gold you have, we can change the alloy to provide the color you want. Do you have stones too that you want to recycle into a new ring? As far as cost goes; It just depends on how much gold you want to recycle, what size you want, do you want us to provide stones, and do you want it to be one or two rings? email me and we can talk…[email protected]

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