Frog: a creature of Transformation

Photo of Sterling Silver hand carved Frog bracelet with abalone inlaid eyes

Sterling Silver hand carved Frog bracelet with abalone inlaid eyes

This Frog Bracelet by Owen Walker is truly a creature of transformation, from egg, to Polliwog, to Frog. Springtime is Frog’s time of power. Change is the only true constant in life and Frog helps this changing through one’s own creative and spiritual resources. Frog is a very powerful spirit helper who brings good fortune to deserving souls. Frog may represent a transferring of spirit power as he is truly a creature of two worlds, air and water.  At one point in my younger days I was separated from my sweetheart for a whole summer while surveying mining claims near Syringa, Idaho with my Dad.  We trudged up and down mountains with amazingly steep slopes and would chance upon small pools on the sides of these mountains where one would think no water could stand.  Each of these pools had its own little population of frogs.  For some reason seeing frogs high up on the sides if steep mountains always cheered me up.

Photo of Sterling silver and 18Kt gold hand carved Frog bracelet

Sterling silver and 18Kt gold hand carved Frog bracelet

I really struggled with this design to make this Frog cheerful as Frogs mouths naturally turn down in what seems to us a frown, but I have always seen frogs as cheerful little creatures that seem always to be bringing good news, or at least hope for better things ahead.  Here in Western Washington we know spring has arrived when the Swans go north and the frogs sing in all the wet places, and as you might imagine there are many many wet places.  The first picture shows this little guy in his standard glory.  The next two show a version of him I did for a show at the Stonington Gallery, with 18Kt yellow gold eyes and spots, I call this one “Watching the girls go by” as you can see the girl frogs in his eyes.

Photo of Hand carved sterling silver and 18Kt gold bracelet

Watching the girls go by!


Hand-carved Sterling Silver Frog Bracelet by Owen Walker, 1 inch width with Abalone inlaid eyes.




D30 price: $500.00

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  1. Janet Walker says:

    I love the 14kt gold dots down his sides…Oh, and of course, the little frogs reflected in his eyes!

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