Grandmother’s Diamond Solitaire Saved by Recycling

Leigh Ann's Solitaire

Leigh Ann’s Solitaire

Grandmother’s Diamond Solitaire Ring was the result of Walker Goldsmiths working with Leigh Ann who wanted to recreate a family heirloom.  Leigh Ann sent us her grandmother’s 14kt white gold filigree ring to see if we could fix it and replace the diamond.  Sadly we had to tell her that it was so far beyond repair that it was impossible to do as she was hoping.

We did have a suggestion that could possibly work; take the gold of the antique ring, carve a wax of a ring she would like and cast grandma’s gold into the new custom ring.  Recycling was the answer.  Leigh Ann like this idea.  We talked a bit and she found a ring on our website that appealed to her, so I went ahead carving a wax and Owen shopped for a .50 ct diamond to put into the ring.

After lost wax casting the ring in 14kt white gold, Owen handcarved filigree-like patterns on the gold.  He then provided a 6 prong Platinum crown for the .50 ct. diamond.  Platinum crowns just don’t wear out and they almost never have to be retipped.  They are at least a 100 times more durable than white gold. The end result was perfect.  Now Leigh Ann had a family heirloom with memories, yet a new, strong, Grandmother’s Diamond Solitaire Ring to last for decades and to continue to be an heirloom.

Thank you for hunting Walker Goldsmiths down, Leigh Ann.  It was a pleasure making this for you!

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