Hand carved Sterling Silver Orca Tag

This beautiful Sterling Orca Dog Tag was designed and carved by Adam Mills.  Adam has been hand engraving and learning from Master Engraver Owen Walker at Walker Goldsmiths now for over a year and has come up with a wonderful line of Northwest Totem motif Sterling Silver Dog Tags.

Handcarved Sterling Orca Tag by Adam Mills

Hand carved Sterling Orca Tag by Adam Mills

Orca has always been a very magical creature to me. Growing up on Puget Sound in Washington State  I’ve had many wonderful experiences with Orca.  There was always the mystery and aura of danger that we put on them as children telling scary sea stories around the beach fires at night. We all wanted to know, “Why were they called “Killer Whales”?   Even the wrong name of “Black Fish” that we first called them is ominous sounding. And they are so big!  The male Orca averages 23 feet long and has a huge dorsal fin that sticks up out of the water like some giant shark – very imposing to say the least.

Orcas travel and hunt in pods very like a pack of wolves The Northwest Natives call them sea wolves and to see them hunt in a pack is amazing. As a child I had experiences watching them hunt in Port Susan chasing Pink Salmon (we have always called them Humpies) at low tide up Port Susan and into the shallows of the Stillaquamish River flats. The “Stilly” is famous for its eight spawning fish runs and the Orca love to eat Salmon. The Alpha Female leads the Orca pack with the rest spaced out just like wolves and chases the salmon onto the beach. The feeding frenzy is wild as the Salmon jump in the shallows to get ahead of the Killer Whales, some even jumping up on the sand! The Tulalip Indians that beach seine all along Port Susan love it when that happens as it makes the Salmon so much easier to net.  It’s very exciting to watch and participate in the excitement of the experience as fishermen get their nets out of the way of these big fish and get ready to put them back in the water as quick as possible to reap the harvest. I spent a lot of time doing that as a child. We always watched for the first Orca to come up the sound for the Salmon season. Oh, just writing this is making me really hungry for Salmon! …Janet Walker

Personal engraving can be done on the back for an extra charge. Order yours for $150.00 + Shipping & Handling.

Pulling in the net at Mission Beach

Pulling in the net at Mission Beach

Netting Salmon with a Beach Seine

Netting Salmon with a Beach Seine

Owen Walker Beach Seining with Tulalips at Mission Beach

Beach Seining with Tulalips at Mission Beach











Hand Carved ~ Sterling Silver Orca Dog Tag ~ by Adam Mills
1″ by 2″ with 24″ .8MM Nickel plated Steel bead chain

Unit Price: 150.00
Shipping for US & CA: $5.00

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