Having custom wedding rings made is easier than you may think.

Custom Wedding Rings

Custom Maori design wedding bands

Really!  Having Custom Wedding Rings made IS easier than you may think. Have you ever thought about wearing a custom wedding ring that reflects the real you? Many people have come to Walker Goldsmiths telling us that they feel like they’ve been stuck wearing someone else’s wedding rings. The one they bought or were given really isn’t something they’re happy with and the thought of wearing it all their lives is not an exciting idea, or the ones they are looking at in the Jewelry stores leaves them cold. We can easily and happily fix that for you. Let Walker Goldsmiths work with you to produce the custom wedding rings that are the real you.

Custom Wedding Rings

Surfers wedding bands with surf and mountain designs with moonstone

Do you really want a custom engagement ring made for your fiancé that represents the sand dunes and surf where you first fell in love? Maybe you would even like to have a part in designing this ring so a little part of your spirit is in this design, or as a couple you would like to design rings together to represent a meaningful experience for just you two. There are many reasons why some people want custom made jewelry; some are just because they want one-of-a-kind and some are because the jewelry then carries special meaning to them. This is the essence of custom jewelry; emotionally important pieces of jewelry that reflects the real YOU.

Custom Wedding Rings

14kt wedding band with collection of family diamonds

How do you go about getting the custom rings that you want? Owen and Janet Walker are Walker Goldsmiths and we’ve been helping people with their one-of-a-kind designs and making custom jewelry for over 30 years. We enjoy this process very much and want you to also. We are with you every step of the way and will even provide a CD of pictures to you of the process of your custom piece of jewelry if you desire. You can be any place in the world and it can all be accomplished via email. 30 years in the custom jewelry business personally designing and making many different styles of jewelry has given us insight into what works; what’s durable for your life. We are not going to talk you into something totally stupid or even let you buy something that isn’t workable or cost effective. Getting custom jewelry made with us is easier than you think.

You can expect;

  • To be a part of your jewelry process,
  • Wear designs that are really “you”,
  • Have a hand in the design,
  • Be happy with the custom jewelry you wear.
Custom Wedding Rings Chickadee and Sapphire

18kt Northwest design Chickadee Ring with .50 Blue Sapphire

We enjoy photographing the process and emailing pictures to you all along the way to make sure we are communicating and achieving your goal. You will have a custom piece of jewelry, made from your idea or design, that we were privileged to make a reality for you. Contact us now and let’s communicate about a project for you.

Janet Walker, Goldsmith, Graphic Designer and co-owner with husband, Owen, of Walker Goldsmiths; specialists in custom wedding rings.

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  1. Brenda Allen says:

    After reading your article, I just had to say Thank you! all over again for making our wedding rings even though it has been MANY moons ago since you did it. They are still just as beautiful as the first time I saw them and I know that it’s not just me being bias or anything like that because we still have people commenting to us about how great our rings are and wanting to know where we got them. We love telling about both of you and how much fun it was to be part of creating our perfect rings!

  2. Hannah says:

    We might have to talk shop, m’ lady!

  3. Janet Walker says:

    Thanks, Cleo. The Surfer Rings have been a hit!! It’s fun that we can sculpt them to the specifics of the relationship or desires of the customer! Sure makes it more interesting and fun for us here at Walker Goldsmiths.:)

  4. Victoria Rees says:


    I have totally fallen in love with the surfers wedding bands. Could you give me an idea of cost to have them made. Me and my partner have been looking for rings which reflect us for a while now and the surfers ring with the moonstone do just that.

    Victoria x

    • Janet Walker says:

      Thank you for the inquiry, Victoria. The cost of these Surfer Rings depends on the type of metal you want to have. Are you thinking gold or silver? Send us an email to [email protected] and we can talk more about it. The price of Moonstones is pretty solid but, you know, gold and silver prices go up and down. They’ve been pretty steady lately so now is a good time!! Email us and we can give you a quote for that day.

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