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Walker Goldsmiths had a couple of sweet young people come to us, individually, to design and make their Custom Wedding Rings. It was a bit different for us because usually couples come to us together to talk about the whole experience. This give us clues about what they want and just generally answer questions that we’ve discovered get results for success. In this instance they were college students, working jobs, graduating and getting on with life at a fast pace.

Yellow 14kt gold Custom Wedding Ring with Treble Clef

Custom 14kt Wedding Ring with personal touches of Treble Clef and leafy designs

First off, Zeke came to see us wanting an engagement/wedding ring. This was going to be a one ring design. We asked him who was his sweetheart and what kind of things did she like. What was her personality and what did she do professionally. These tips help us to design and make a ring that will reflect her exclusively. We’ve discovered over the years that we can basically put women in certain style categories. Of course, there are exceptions, but usually we can provide assistance about designs someone will like by talking about who they are, what they do for work and what they enjoy. Zeke handed us a page of “hints” about who his sweetheart was and what she liked and I went at it designing a ring. What fun that was! Brianna is a music lover so a Treble Clef was suppose to work in there somewhere, plus she loves flowers and natural things, including yellow gold. We made up a lovely 14kt Custom Leafy Diamond Ring and Brianna said, “Yes!”

Then Brianna came out for a visit, dashing between classes and work to talk about a ring for Zeke. This was all barreling along at a mighty pace as Summer was upon us with graduation and jobs being important to a new life together. Zeke’s a big handsome guy that needed something substantial. They had talked some about designs and decided something with a Celtic flair would do, but Brianna wanted a suggestion of the natural elements in his ring too so that they matched a little bit. The Celtic Triskelion symbol of mind, body, spirit had appeal because he’s studying Kinesiology to help heal people, plus the intertwining designs were attractive representing a never-ending path together. Brianna’s ring had the leaf effect that she liked and how to combine them was a puzzlement! The sketch pad came out and we doodled and finally came to the right combination. Zeke’s ring is a nice big Sterling Silver Custom Celtic design.

These two Custom Wedding Rings really are Story Rings because they tell the story of who these two young people are and what they value and want to represent to each other and the world.  The secret we’ve discovered about Custom Rings is to talk to the folks about different design possibilities and functionality in their lives. The last thing we want at Walker Goldsmiths is unhappy customers, so the more we can find out about their personalities and guide them to sturdy, secure, workable solutions the better.

Men's Sterling Triskelion Wedding Ring

Custom Celtic Wedding Ring with a leafy touch

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