How to Get the Custom Surfer Ring that is the Real You.

Surfer ring with diamond sparkels on waves

Surfer Ring with melee diamond sparkles and splashes on waves










The Custom Dew Drop Diamond Ring was the ring that attracted Rebecca to contact Walker Goldsmiths.  As we emailed back and forth about; price, size, number of diamonds, the color of gold available, we started to learn about Rebecca.  This is the really fun part of this “work”!

We learned that Rebecca really likes white gold and after more emails she confessed that she was really a “Sea” person.

I am in love with the ocean, and all of the creatures that live in it. It’s my passion and someday will be my career. Also, my fiancé is Australian and grew up surfing and living on the ocean his entire life. So waves and water mean a lot to us, because it brings us happiness. So when I first started looking at rings, I was looking for something that may be like this part of our lives, but it was kinda[JW1] ’ frustrating. Everything seemed tacky, or the ring was really wide. I really don’t want a 10mm wide ring because I still want something girly, even if it’s not the big diamond kind of ring. I just want something simple, with a few diamonds set into it.”

After a few more emails I was excited to propose, “I think it would be very fun to carve some waves and crest them with “water sparkles and splashes” of little melee diamonds!!!!” Rebecca liked the idea so I drew her a picture and emailed it to her.  She liked it and I went ahead with carving a Surfer Ring.

Being a Sea Girl myself made this very fun for me.

Drawing of Diamonds on Surfer Ring waves

Drawing of Surfer Ring with diamonds on the waves

It’s always interesting and a challenge to transform a 2-D idea into a 3-D object and especially in a really small size.  Rebecca’s ring would be a 14kt White Gold, 8mm wide band, 2mm thick, a scattering of melee diamonds and inside the band would be comfort fit.  Comfort fit is the name given to the specific style of inside ring bands.  It’s more curved and shaped to give the finger room to curl around.  It’s not the simple pipe shape.  Given her active lifestyle I thought this would be appropriate. Owen Walker set the melee diamonds on the tips of the waves and it was good to go. We sent emails as the ring progressed getting her approval of design and then we worked Walker Goldsmiths’ magic and transformed it into reality.

Owen Walker setting melee diamonds

Master Goldsmith, Owen Walker setting melee diamonds


Thank you, Rebecca, for the fun time with you and your new Custom Surfer Ring.



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  1. Rebecca Humbracht says:

    I am the proud owner of this ring. Let me start off by saying that working with Walker Goldsmiths was one of the best experiences of my life. Janet is wonderful to work with and made me feel like I was a part of the creation of the ring. She listened to my ideas and came up with a wonderful drawing of what I wanted. When it arrived, my fiance loved my ring so much that he wants one of his own. So right now Walker Goldsmiths is working on a matching ring for my future husband. Thank you so much Janet and Owen for making my dream ring!

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