Hummingbird with Cobalt Trade Beads

Hummingbird with Trade Beads

Summer Memories- Sterling Hummingbird with Trade Beads

Walker Goldsmiths created this little Sterling Silver Hummingbird with Cobalt Trade Beads as a gift for someone who loves Hummingbirds.  I called it “Summer Memories.”  The Trade Beads used are the famous Russian Blues that have such a colorful and rich history.  The additional beads are faceted Blue Lace Agates, Cobalt Czechs and Venetian blue and white striped glass c. 1800’s.  I love the addition of the copper beads to brighten up the combination.  This little Hummingbird pendant is lost wax cast Sterling Silver from our Potlatch Collection.

One fact that I find very interesting about the hummingbird is their ability see color just as well as humans. In fact, they see ultraviolet light, which means their world appears even more colorful than ours.  Being attracted to ultraviolet light brings them to check out and sip nectar from blue, red-blue, violet, purple and fuchsia colored flowers more often than other colors.  I love to hang purple/pink Fuchsias from my front porch roof and sit to watch these gorgeous beings dine.  They also love to sip from all my blue Rosemary plants that are in flower.  I generally plant as many blue summer flowers that bloom way into fall as I can just to treat my lovely little friends.  They also eat a ton of mosquitoes so they definitely are my friends.

Sterling Silver Hummingbird with Cobalt Trade Beads  … $150, matching earrings are $50



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