Joe and Abbie’s 14kt White Gold Wedding Rings

Photo of Joe and Abbie's White Gold and Antler Wedding Rings

Joe and Abbie’s Special Wedding Rings

Walker Goldsmiths has been privileged to create these 14kt White Gold Wedding Rings for Abbie and Joe and their wonderful day is today, May 4th!  We’ve posted the creation of Abbie’s Engagement Ring here on the blog, Celtic Style Twisted Braid Engraved Diamond Wedding Ring…Done,  and now I’m presenting Abbie’s Wedding Ring and Joe’s Wedding Ring.  It’s been a very fun journey for us.  We’ve known Joe’s parents and whole family forever so creating these jewelry pieces was a labor of love.  The interwoven Celtic Engagement band was created and then Owen carved a lovely Wedding band also in 14kt white gold that matched the Engagement Ring design.

Photo of Abbie's White Gold Celtic Wedding Ring Set with 1/2 Carat Diamond

Abbie’s White Gold Celtic Wedding Rings

Joe’s Wedding Ring has a fun story.  Joe’s whole family are avid hunters in the Pacific Northwest  and we’ve been grateful recipients of some of the bounty over the years.  Joe’s mom would call us saying, “Joe’s brought home too many ducks for them to eat so would we like some?”…Of course!!! Yumm!

Photo of Joe's Titanium and Antler Wedding Ring

Joe’s Titanium and Antler Ring

The plan for a Wedding Ring for Joe was to inlay some of the shed antler that he and Abbie had found into a Titanium Wedding Band.  So Owen really liked that challenge and you can see that the result was a beautiful success.  We loved hearing the story of how Joe presented the Engagement Ring to Abbie and asked her to marry him.  The whole family often enjoys going on big camping/hunting trips together and this special time Joe had taken Abbie along.  He had been sneaky and planned to present the ring on this trip.  They went hiking about in the woods looking for shed antler and tricky Joe had put the Engagement Ring on a shed antler tine for Abbie to find.  Joe said, ”Hey, here’s one.  Check this out!”  So Abbie picked it up and there was her beautiful Engagement Ring on one of the antler tines…astonished, she tried it on and it fit!  Would she marry him? You bet!!

Kind of like the glass slipper.  Romantic family stories are such fun!

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