Kate’s Fantastic Custom Feather Pendant – Phase two

This Custom Feather Pendant is also known as “Looking for Crazy Horse” here at Walker Goldsmiths since inspiration for this Custom Feather Pendant has come from an experience that Kate and Mike had at Fort Robinson, NE.  Kate says, “We stayed at a little cabin across from the old parade grounds and the adjutant’s quarters where Crazy Horse was killed in the 1870’s. Crazy Horse was very secretive and there’s not a lot of factual information about him and no one knows where he is buried. Also he never wore a war bonnet only a single spotted eagle feather upside down, and it was said that his medicine bundle included a spotted eagle feather and the heart of an eagle.  He wore a large lightening bolt down the left side of his face and was considered a Thunder dreamer.”

I love that name, “Thunder Dreamer” and when I designed this feather pendant I imagined the lightening bolt and feather reverberating with the thunder and lightening…  photo of Kate's Wax Feather in the casting flask

The white Stuff poured all over the wax is a type of plaster called INVESTMENT, very much like the plaster that dentists use to make molds for teeth.

Photo of Owen Walker pouring the investment into casting flask

Owen pouring in the investment

After it has dried and is thoroughly hard the stainless steel flask is put in the kiln and temperature raised up gradually to 1500 degrees to melt out the wax leaving a clean ash-free feather shape in the plaster.

Photo of kiln with Kate's Feather Meltout

Kate’s Feather Meltout in kiln

When the temperature is then reduced to 900 degrees at this point the flask is then put in the centrifugal casting barrel.  Then the metal is melted, machine wound and primed, pin pulled and molten metal is forced in by the centrifugal spin-speed. Owen then takes the metal filled flask and plunges it into cold water that boils out the investment and Whaaa- Laa! …a gold

Photo of Kate's gold feather after casting

Kate’s gold feather after casting

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