Kat’s Custom Arrow Diamond Wedding Ring

Custom Arrow Diamond Ring

14kt Yellow Gold Custom Arrow Diamond Ring

Walker Goldsmiths was pleased to meet a gorgeous young woman who wanted a Custom Arrow Diamond Wedding Ring.  That doesn’t mean an arrow shaped diamond, but it does mean a ring shaped like an arrow with a diamond on it.  What Fun!  Arrows are really her thing.  They’ve been a symbol of importance to her through some tough times and it was very important to continue using that symbol in a brand new adventure.  She’s a survivor of a previous bad marriage in her teen years and country music has been a sanity saver to help her get through that tough time.  One country music singer, Kasey Musgrave, sings “Follow your Arrow…wherever it points”, a song that has given her solace and strength.  So the symbol of arrows became a symbol of strength to Kat and thus the Arrow Custom Wedding Ring, much to my wax carving pleasure.

Kat met Dale on the internet and they struck up a lovely friendship that turned into a real fairy tale romance!  Once on a hiking date through a large wooded Northwest Washington Park they found a diamond anniversary band that had to have been tossed into the bushes.  Who knows what juju went with that ring, but Kat and Dale certainly changed that by recycling.  The ring was a 14kt yellow gold 6 diamond anniversary band.  What an astounding find!  Dale had already bought an engagement ring for Kat so they choose to use these diamonds from the “found band” to put into Custom Wedding Bands for each of them.

It was a fun adventure for me to carve a wax arrow that would wrap around her finger and snug up to her Engagement ring.   Owen lost wax cast it in 14kt Yellow Gold using the gold from the found band and other recycled gold of Kat’s, and then one of the diamonds was hammer set in the shaft of the “Arrow”.  Three of the diamonds were set diagonally into a men’s wedding band for Dale.  There were 2 more diamonds that Kat had us put in a special package for each of her two children for their later use.

Walker Goldsmiths has enjoyed making this Custom Arrow Diamond Wedding Ring for Kat and Dale very much and we’re pleased to have a couple of lovely new friends.  We wish them both all the sweetness and joy they deserve.







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