Large Orca Bracelet



 Sterling silver hand carved big Orca bracelet

Hand Carved Sterling Silver Orca Bracelet

Orcas have shown great reasoning capabilities and creative thinking in encounters with humans. I have had many encounters with Orcas myself having been a commercial gillnet fisherman in my early years.  I have never found a reliable story of an Orca harming a human in the wild.  I did see a large male take revenge on a fisherman who shot at him as he picked fish from the gillnet. The fisherman put a hole in the orca’s dorsal fin so the orca went under water and went back and forth like a sewing needle through the gillnet, until there was not a 50 foot rag left to fish with, then disappeared!

The Haida and Tsimsian people tell of one man, Nanasymgyet, whose wife was kidnapped by the Chief of the Orcas, who took her to his village at the bottom of the sea. He eventually got her back after many adventures, and help from some unlikely friends.  As time permits we will post this and other stories, on this site.  This is one of my

 Hand carved Sterling Silver Orca Bracelet

Hand carved Sterling Silver Orca Bracelet

designs that does not get an abalone inlay.  I have always been fascinated by Orcas, so much so that I don’t remember the occasion that prompted me to design this bracelet, but it must have been a good one!


Sterling Silver Handcarved Big Orca Bracelet

Sterling Silver Handcarved Big Orca Bracelet



Hand-carved Sterling Silver Big Orca Bracelet by Owen Walker, 1.5 inch width tapering to 1 inch.

D6 Big Orca price: $650.00





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