Lavender Star Sapphires on Custom Surfer Wedding Rings are Beautiful

White gold and Lavender Star Sapphires on Custom Surfer Wedding Rings

Custom Surfer Wedding Rings for Matt and Stepanka

Walker Goldsmiths has had an interesting experience making our “Custom Surfer Wedding Rings” for a couple who live and surf in Australia and around the world.  We did it all through emailing back and forth and mailing finished rings to the Czech Republic, where the wedding was to be and where the bride’s family lives.

Stepanka emailed saying, “We’re going to my country of origin, Czech Republic, and are going to have another wedding to have my family involved (the first one was in Australia without them).  It would be beautiful to have our rings. Do you think it would be possible?  We’re leaving Australia in one week and will stay in Czech Republic for a while traveling about.”

 Stepanka wanted our Custom Surfer Rings that she’d seen on our website in 14 kt White Gold with Star Sapphires on them, matching, but not quite the same.  I carved them in wax, Owen lost wax cast them and set the beautiful Star Sapphires. They turned out beautiful with the Lavender colored Star Sapphires with the waves and sand dunes. I love the idea of them being worn in Australia and other surfer places!

14 kt White Gold Surfer Rings with Lavender Star Sapphires

14 kt White Gold Surf Rings with Lavender Star Sapphires

It was fun to make these rings for these lovebirds, but it was a knuckle biter experience since the postal service there was less than speedy as USPS.  We are so spoiled here in the USA, let me tell you.  As much as I often gripe I know how fortunate we are with the service we enjoy.  My postal guy told me how they don’t truck postal packages from one town to the next in most of eastern Europe unless they have a full truck (!!!) so there’s no guarantee that anything will get to where it’s suppose to go on time.  Plus, don’t get me goin’ about the extortionist fees called “duty” in the Czech Republic…

Walker Goldsmiths did, however, get to exchange a wonderful communication with Stepanka and Matt who live and love primarily in Australia and it was a joy to provide them with Custom Surfer Wedding Rings in spite of the difficulties.  Thank you so much!

 Star Sapphire and White Gold Surf Rings

Star Sapphire and Surf Rings

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