Leslie’s Elegant and Sophisticated Custom Memorial Ring

14kt Memorial Ring from Recycled Family jewelry

Memorial Ring from Recycled Family jewelry

When Leslie contacted Walker Goldsmiths about making a Custom Memorial Ring for her we invited her to come out to the Studio. She and her family live in our area and it was fun to meet friends of our kids’ friends! Leslie is the neighbor of one of our daughters’ friends and the word is out about our jewelry work and friendly professional service.

Leslie explained that she wanted to, “have a Memorial Ring to commemorate both my folks”.  She brought a nice collection of rings and earrings, a tie tac, a couple of loose diamonds, a pair of diamond earrings and a pendant from her childhood with a melee diamond on it that was special to her.  These special and familiar old pieces were what she wanted to recycle and make into a useful form for her and her lifestyle.  Not only was she not going to wear them in the form they were in, but they had sentimental value to her and it made her sad that she wasn’t wearing them and seeing them and their history.

We talked about what would be good for her and a ring was really what she wanted.  That set us off to decide on style and function for her busy momma and professional life.  Leslie loves blue so a large bright blue laboratory created Sapphire was found and would be the center stone, with both 1/2 ct. diamonds, two smaller diamonds on either side, and one very sentimental melee on one side only.  These would be hammer set for a smooth surface with no elements to catch on anything.  We would use her yellow gold, alloying any 10kt up to 14kt.  So we were good to go ahead drawing the design, then wax carving to fit the stones with Leslie approving all the way.  This size and design was destined for elegance.

Owen lost wax cast the ring using her 14kt yellow gold and finished it preparing it for stone setting.  We had  all the stones hammer set flush to the top of the metal beautifully.  My goal was to have the Recycled Memorial Ring to her to wear before Thanksgiving and the vacation they were planning and Walker Goldsmiths accomplished it!  Thank you Leslie for letting Walker Goldsmiths be in on the creation and recycling of old jewelry into this Elegant and Sophisticated Custom Memorial Ring.

A sapphire and 5 diamonds in a 14kt Recycled Memorial Ring

Sapphire and Diamonds in a Recycled 14kt Memorial Ring

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