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Walker Goldsmiths Lost Wax Cast Sterling Lovebirds Band #308, full front view

Sterling Silver Lovebirds Wedding Bands

It seems that this year we’ve made more Sterling Silver Wedding Bands at Walker Goldsmiths than ever before.  Folks still want to get married even when they’re “challenged” for cash. Our Lovebirds Wedding Bands can provide what they’re looking for; Sterling Silver, heavy duty, durable, attractive, romantic and reasonably priced.

The original design was carved in wax by Janet Walker then cast in Sterling and molded by Owen Walker. The Lovebirds Band Ring is somewhat hollowed on the underside, 7mm wide all around with plenty of room on the backside to accommodate sizing.

In Alaska the Tlingit and Haida people have two clans, Eagle and Raven. Eagles traditionally marry Ravens and Ravens marry Eagles. This ingenious and healthy tradition is a good insurance of a strong bloodline to carry on the family.  An item of value with both a Raven and Eagle design may be given as a love token to someone of the opposite clan, therefore it is called a Lovebirds token.  Our Lovebirds Band Ring fits right in this category!  Raven is represented on one side and Eagle on the opposite side of the Sterling Band.  Available in Sizes 6 to 14 for $175 and any size over 14 is $195.

We also cast this Lovebirds Ring in 14kt Yellow or White Gold upon request.  Email us for prices on these custom rings.  We had a customer for the gold rings who had been to Alaska and British Columbia in his youth and became fascinated with NW Coast Art.  He began collecting prints and carvings and when a new romance came into his life he needed a NW Coast design ring to celebrate this new love.  He chose to have Walker Goldsmiths cast the Lovebirds in 14kt White Gold and we’re honored that he did!

Here is more about the Lovebirds Story.


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  1. Nannette Bringazi says:

    How much for the gold bands (his and hers)?

  2. WendyNaser says:

    I think your love bird wedding band is an amazing design.
    Would you be able to inlay my and my Husband’s birthstones in the eyes of the birds? The Stone colors would be one pink stone and one yellow stone. Could you do this in a way that would keep the stones flush to the band? If possible, what would the cost be for two size 10 rings?
    Thanks you
    Wendy Naser

    • Janet Walker says:

      Hi Wendy,
      Your inlayed stone request is totally doable! If we’re talking Sterling Silver for 2 bands, size 10 with inlaid birthstones the price would be $225 each ring, therefore $450 for both. Free shipping in the US, and $20 for International.

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