Make Recycling of Your Old Gold Into New Jewelry A Reality

Gold being melted in a crucible

Owen melts jewelry to be recycled in a crucible.


Years ago Walker Goldsmiths redid the “just about worn out”  Wedding Ring for a friend that we’d known for some time. Our kids and their kids all grew up in the same area and schools. It’s been a lovely friendship. They’ve since moved to another state to be nearer to and help out with grandkids.

14kt Diamond Ring remodeled for Penny

Remodeled 14kt Diamond Wedding Ring

We got a phone call from Penny asking if we’d be interested in Recycling some gold bits and chunks that have accumulated over the years, old broken chains, including some gold bridge work from Great Grandma. This we can do! She said, “I think I just want a gold band – if there is even enough… design something swirly.” Whooo-Hoo, I thought, I’ve got just the ring in mind. Years ago I had made some Grape Leaves with Swirls designed rings and made a mold to reproduce them easier than carving each individual ring. We have made this design in Silver and Gold and they sold for years when we lived in Idaho and I still had the original mold. I dug it out of the drawer and made a wax that needed a little touch up. It cast up in the gold beautifully. Not only did she have enough gold for the ring but was able to pay us for our labor. Sweet deal! You just never know what you can find in the back of the old jewelry box that can be Recycled into something beautiful and new. Penny loves her ring and Walker Goldsmiths is grateful for her friendship and the job!

We had a customer call us about “how to safely send her jewelry for a remake, after all, she had a big diamond and a bunch of gold rings to send all the way from Texas?”  After talking to Owen about her concerns the best thing we could come up with to give her a more secure feeling is the facts about Walker Goldsmiths 40 yrs experience with REGISTERED Mail.  Signed and locked in a safe every step of the way.  Every Postal employee who touches the package has to sign in and out.  We’ve NEVER lost a Registered package in all the years we’ve been doing work by mail.  Even we have to have ID and sign an acceptance form before we can take it out of the post office.  In fact, this is the number one reason we use a postal box.  Everything is locked safe.  So the signature that we give to the post office can be tracked by the sender and you’ll have a record of us having your diamond and gold in our hands. You’ll get a tracking number when you register it and you can track your package online!  The package stays in the PO safe until we present the notice at the counter, prove identification and sign for it.

Recycled Gold made into Swirly Ring for Penny

Swirly Ring made from Recycled Gold

You too can make recycling of your old gold into new jewelry a reality.  It’s the ultimate “Green”!

Goldsmiths are the original recyclers!

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  1. Lea Nelson says:

    I like this idea of recycling old jewelry into new! How do I proceed?

  2. penny glover says:

    I am the proud owner of the two rings featured here. I feel fortunate to know Janet and Owen Walker. We lived in Bellingham 40 years and even after moving to Utah I contacted them to make another ring. I mailed the gold fragments to Janet and she sent back a beautiful ring. I wear both rings every day and get many compliments. Thanks Janet. I am gathering more scraps. I also have a friend gathering up her broken bracelets, etc.

    love you guys. Penny

  3. Britany sandoval says:

    So how do i get this started when i live in utah

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