Make your Collector’s Item Custom Coin Ring a Reality

Quarter Eagle Custom Coin Rings

Gold Quarter Eagle Custom Collectors Coin Rings

Custom Coin Rings in 14kt gold made by Walker Goldsmiths are sweet indeed.  Jim got a hold of us after he had scored a wonderful deal on 2 – Quarter Eagle gold US coins.  Both of these gold pieces were minted in 1914. They are excellent collector’s items.

Jim had a coin ring that he loved to wear in his past but somewhere along the line lost track of it.  Always enjoying that ring made him want another and when he found these coins and got a smashing deal on them he had a dream to have two matching Custom Coin Rings created.  He got a hold of us through this website and because he lives within driving distance from Walker Goldsmiths Studio we were able to meet him personally.  Jim brought the coins down to us and I carved the waxes and Owen cast them into 14kt yellow gold and set the beautiful coins in the rings.  It would be so interesting to know the story about these coins and what history they’ve seen.  The artwork is so beautiful.  One of the things we always think of when handling anything old, whether it be trade beads, a coin or an artifact is “Oh, if we could only talk to it the stories we would hear!”

A $20 gold piece is called a double Eagle and a $10 gold piece is an Eagle and a $5 gold piece is a half Eagle and a quarter Eagle is $2.50.  US gold coins were minted from 1795 to 1933, this design called the Indian Head was minted from 1908 to 1929.  During that period all the gold coins had basically the same design with a standing eagle on one side and the Indian head with full headdress on the other, designed by Bela Lyon Pratt. All US gold coinage by this time was made of .900 gold which means an alloy of 90% pure gold and 10% copper, earlier gold coinage was made of an alloy of .9167 gold with the balance being copper and silver. When you see gold purity expressed as a decimal (i.e. .9167). That is the amount of pure gold in the object the balance (.0833) is the alloy. The two decimals must add up to 1.0.

It’s fun now to have another friend of Walker Goldsmiths with whom we discovered we have a lot in common.  He loves NW Coast Native art, has Metis and Scottish heritage and is a budding wood carver.  Thank you Jim for letting us create these Custom Coin Rings for you. They really turned out beautiful.  The original coins are truly works of art and we just enhanced them.

14kt Coin Rings

14kt Custom Collectors Coin Rings

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  1. Arleen lee says:

    I had an almost half inch square gold ring , it have a 10cents Kreugrand to match my big 10z gold coin pendant. Recently I lost weight and it slipped off my finger. I have looked high and low for it! I had it made in Paducah Ky. Then had one made for my monther in law as well. It was big and bold and a hand grabber. I have had a lot of Jewelry stolen but not that one cause I had it on! Do you make rings for the public? Do you mind giving me prices and size compared to regular coins. For example my small Kreugrand was the size of a dime Little but bigger …. I await your answer excited! Best regards, Arleen

  2. Sabrina Nickolas says:

    I need a ring mounting for my husband’s $5 Indian head gold coin size 11

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