Mother’s Custom Memorial Red Gold Rose Ring

Red Gold Mother's Ring with diamonds

Red Gold Mother’s Ring with Diamonds

A Leafy design was what one of my best girlfriends wanted from Walker Goldsmiths for her Custom Memorial Red Gold Mother’s Ring. We said, “Of course, we’d love to do it!”

Ane’s mother’s original ring that she inherited was literally falling apart and her two daughters wanted to do something for their mom to preserve this heirloom ring.  She wanted a ring to celebrate her memory of her mother.  Roses were so precious to her mother and she had a wonderful green thumb with them.  Ane’ remembered being taught the names of all the roses in her mother’s garden;  the Hybrid Teas and the Grandifloras, the Double Delights and the Florabundas included names like Peace, Red Blaze and Ballerina, the wonderful old fashioned stalwarts of the Rose Garden. Ane’ is a Master Gardener who has inherited and earned this same Green Thumb.  She’s always been puttering about  since the day I met her creating exquisite gardens!  I am also a gardener who has a good handful of glorious Rose bushes.  This year, by the way, has been spectacular for Roses and gardening in general in our neck of the woods.  So to make this ring for Ane’ was totally a labor of love.

When Ane’s mom died while living at her sister’s home the grandchildren all decided that Ane’ should have The Rose Ring left by mom.  It was a ring with a rose shape and a light yellow Canary Diamond in the center and a cresent with some small birthstones.  It was made of white gold and so very worn out to be too thin and dangerous to wear.  Ane’ wanted to keep the general pattern of the original ring and I was to enhance the design.  This was to be a Memorial Ring, a Story Ring with memories of mom. We thought that 14kt Rose Gold would be so very appropriate, plus she loves Rose gold and has her wedding band in Rose Gold.  The only stone she wanted kept was the center Canary Diamond.

Diamonds and Red Gold Mother's Ring

Diamonds and Red Gold Mother’s Ring

I carved a wax, which Ane’ approved and Owen Walker lost wax cast it with his wonderful Rose Gold 14kt Alloy.  We set the original center Canary Diamond in a 14kt white gold crown in the middle of the large rose;  set 7 melee diamonds at the base of the rose in a bit of a swirl, with 1 melee diamond set in the small bud rose on the edge.  The band of the ring has leaves going down a ways on each side to the deep and substantial squared shank that works so well to keep any ring from flipping uncomfortably on a finger.  We were hurrying to get this for Ane’ as she and Bill were set to go to Hawaii for her son’s wedding and we wanted Grandmother’s presence with her. Mom’s Rose Ring lives again! Walker Goldsmiths thanks you, Ane’, for this fun family experience creating a custom recycle of your Mother’s Rose Ring.

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