My favorite Earrings for the whole month of July

My Dancing Eagles

My Dancing Eagles

Walker Goldsmiths is really so blessed to live in the land of Eagles here in the Pacific Northwest, in fact, spoiled! By the time July finally rolls around I’ve counted Eagles, watched them hook up with their mates and refurbish their nests. I think I can count at least 7 eagle nests within 10 miles of my home. The Bald Eagle is the predominate one although I’ve seen plenty of big Goldens around here. There are days when the beach is full of them feeding and searching for food for babies. Both parents are engaged in this activity because those kids are ravenous. I’ve seen eagles fly over heading for the nest with chunks of wood and flotsam to patch their nests and with snakes, rabbits and lots of fish. I like to celebrate the whole month of July by wearing my Dancing Eagle earrings. Not only do I celebrate the ability to enjoy the gorgeous eagles in my life but the birthday of my favorite country whose mascot or symbol is the Eagle. We make a big deal of the 4th of July around our place! Lots of flags flying and friends partying with a whole lot of noise and firework explosions. These lost wax cast earrings are my favorite earrings for the whole month of July. My Eagles just keep on dancing!

These Sterling Silver Dancing Eagle Earrings are part of Walker Goldsmiths Potlatch Collection and sell for $ 50.00

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