My Garden was Blessed – Eagle Ring

Walker Goldsmiths Cast Eagle Ring 303 front view

Walker Goldsmiths Cast Eagle Ring 303 front view

This design # 303 Eagle Ring from Walker Goldsmiths is a substantial carving; 16mm wide, 7mm high, and very 3-D, tapering to a 7mm squared shank.  Hollowed underside and squared shank create a well-balanced, comfortable ring.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by Eagles.  Of course they are our national bird, but they were pretty rare when I was little because of the use of DDT.  Now that chemical has been restricted and we’re seeing so many more birds surviving, especially Eagles. Where I live I can see a half dozen or more Eagle nests within a 5 mile area and the skies and beaches scattered with Eagles most all of the year.  We’re talking Bald Eagles here, but occasionally we see the Golden Eagle too.  It is very awesome to be so close to them and watch their mating, nesting and rearing their young.

I was out weeding my garden early this spring when I came upon a bit of Eagle down clinging to a flower!  I was struck with the beauty of this bit of fluff and felt very blessed.  The Eagles are flying over and around all the time, cavorting in the air, and I pictured this bit of fluff coming down especially for me. Among the American Indians in S E Alaska, Canada and my Salish area of Washington Eagle down is the symbol of peace and is used to sanctify the beginnings of a ceremony. Was it sanctifying my garden?  Was it blessing my efforts to grow food and beautiful flowers?  I’ve noticed that all the names of Eagle seem to reflect the magnificence of Eagle; Soaring Eagle, Brave Eagle, Dancing Eagle.  Of course, my favorite is Wise Grandmother Eagle!

Photo of Walker Goldsmiths Cast Sterling Eagle Ring

Walker Goldsmiths Lost Wax Cast Sterling Eagle Ring #303

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