Our Octopus Ring changed his color

18kt Octopus Ring

Walker Goldsmiths Potlatch Collection 18kt Octopus Ring

Walker Goldsmiths has a wonderful Octopus Ring in our Potlatch Ring Collection. I originally carved the wax, lost wax cast it and made a mold of it for a wedding ring so this latest challenge was a perfect fit.

Marisa contacted us through our website telling us that she had purchased one of our Octopus Rings at Earthworks Gallery that we sell through in Yachats, OR for her fiancé and that he loved it. She wanted to see it in 18kt yellow gold as a Wedding Ring for her husband-to-be.  We said, “No Problem” and got it all together.  It had to be fast because they were getting married the middle of September.  I love 18kt yellow gold as does Owen- it’s not only beautiful, but wonderful to work with.

Octopus are not only delicious seafood, but incredibly interesting characters!  Living on the Pacific NW Coast, by the sea as we do, we come upon them occasionally.  There’s a great Salt Water Touch Tank exhibit on the waterfront in Bellingham, WA that always has an Octopus to view and we love to go down there with the grandkids to watch the octopus get fed.  Quite a sight to see. They can match their coloration and texture to their surroundings! “Color change” enables camouflage against different backgrounds.

They can fit their flexible bodies in and out of the tightest spaces.  Owen has a great story about an Octopus that got caught in his net on our fishing boat.  He was going to bring it home for dinner so he put it in a bucket with a board over it while he finished bringing in the rest of the net, only to turn around a bit later to see the Octopus slither over the side of the boat!

“Octopus are among the most intelligent and behaviorally flexible of all invertebrates, can rapidly change color and pattern, though the major reasons for this include signaling, not only camouflage.”  Forbes, Peter. Dazzled and Deceived: Mimicry and Camouflage. Yale, 2009.   

I’ve observed over the years that people choose the designs or Totems that they not only like but identify with, so I’m wondering, “just who is Marisa’s fiancé?”  He must be a very interesting guy! Thank you, Marisa, for the fun time making this sweet Octopus Wedding Ring.

18kt yellow Octopus Wedding Ring

18kt yellow Octopus Wedding Ring


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  1. Marisa Hawk says:

    Hehe…My fiance is indeed a very interesting man, and this ring fits in every way. The description you give is indeed appropriate. He “reads the room” and adapts, reads minds, is sensitive, funny and muy macho! He’s my hunter, fisherman, dancer, chef, is an incredible athlete and coach, and best of all, lover. We are excited to share our life experiences and are so pleased to have this totem as a symbol of our love. Thank you, thank you for your incredible art and craftsmanship/womanship. xx

  2. Cherylle Morrow says:

    Thanks Janet for sharing the story behind the wedding ring Marisa has chosen, and Marisa, thanks for giving us an insight into the person you will be sharing your life with. Hope some day to meet him and to see you again.

    Much love and Aloha

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