“Our Story” Custom Wedding Bands – Cherry Blossoms and Salmon

Photo of Salmon & Cherry Blossom Ring Wax carved by Janet Walker

Salmon & Cherry Blossom Ring Wax carved by Janet Walker

At Walker Goldsmiths we’re having a fun time designing and creating “Our Story” Custom Wedding Bands for couples that want something different and special to their particular relationship.  This one, Cherry Blossoms and Salmon is really fun!   While talking to my Northwest Indian neighbors about the season, getting news of what’s happening on “the harvest front”, noticing the Fishermen putting their Gillnet boats in the water and the Crab fishermen coming in with big totes of crab, we talked of events that herald harvests.  We live on the Lummi Reservation near the Ferry dock to Lummi Island right close to the fishing adventure.  We have wild Pin Cherries that grow all along the Nooksack River mouth and Beach plums that all come into bloom at the same time and the profusion of blossoms is terrific and beautiful.

My good friend, Melonie, reminded me of an event; the Cherry blossoms bursting into bloom is the herald of the first run of Silver Salmon in our area!  Of course! The Salmon is the life giving fish to the people of the Northwest.  When I designed this ring I thought of the relationship this couple has together. “Native art and culture is part of growing up in British Columbia, Canada, so I feel a connection to home through it. My girl friend is Japanese and I was born and raised in BC where we live now, I would like something that involves cherry blossoms which bloom in April (her birth month) and Salmon which for me represent a connection to home.”

These rings will be cast in Sterling Silver with 14kt Pink Gold Cherry blossoms, 7mm wide and comfort fit. Designed by Janet Walker and made in our Walker Goldsmiths Studio.

Janet Walker Carving Salmon & Cherry Blossom Ring

Janet Walker Carving Salmon & Cherry Blossom Ring

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