Owen in his relm-carving

Owen In His Realm Carving

Owen In His Realm Carving

It’s 9:00 at the Walker Goldsmiths Studio and there’s incredible ZZ Top, LenneRockers and Wanda Jackson blasting out their tunes. Is this night or morning? What day is it? Rooster’s crowing and chicken politics makes a huge squabble as the neighbor’s cat wants some chasing fun. The compressor blasts off telling us it’s already at work. Yummy food smells and clanking sounds coming from the kitchen and the garbage truck rumbles around the neighborhood. Screeching, cranking, blasting, wailing and rockin’ out all accompany the seemingly quiet business of Owen Walker hand carving beautiful Sterling Silver bracelets, and inlaying them with Abalone. Awww! Morning!

Photo of Hand carved Sterling Silver face on Octopus bracelet D82

Hand carved Sterling Silver face on Octopus bracelet D82

Photo of Hand Carved Sterling Frog Bracelet D14 with Abalone eyes by Owen Walker

Hand Carved Sterling Frog Bracelet D14 by Owen Walker


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  1. Owen your beautiful work is truly inspiring, I watched your you tub videos and I would like to learn this amazing art form, I do not want to copy your style, but just need some advice in starting out, for example how do you carve your pieces outlines do you use an engraver or a hammer type chisel machine? what are the best tools to use when hand carving who is the manufacturer? in your video you talked about the design transfer method using a Xerox printer does it actually have to be a Xerox or will it work with an inkjet printer.

    you have inspired me and I am really looking forward to getting some of my own designs carved. thank you in advance for any assistance or advise that you are willing to give an excited beginner.

    • Owen Walker says:

      Jeffery: I use a Lindsey air graver classic w/a foot control. If you are serious about learning to engrave do some searches for classes and engravers who are teaching. Check out GRS tools inc. They make all kinds of engraving tools and sponser classes and workshops. All engravers should learn to engrave with push gravers without power it develops muscle strength and controll that will stand you in good stead when you switch to power. Good Luck!

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