Owen Walker Hand Engraved crosses for Kazan, Russia

photo of Sterling silver hand engraved crosses

Sterling silver hand engraved crosses

I was  commissioned by the Oak Harbor Lutheran Church to create  two North West Coast themed crosses to be presented to the bishop of the Kazan, Russia, Lutheran Church and one of his assistants while they were visiting their sister church in Oak harbor, WA.  I must admit I am not a fan of crosses, but I am a Christian and understand how the cross is a powerful symbol to most Christians.  While speaking to the representative of the Oak Harbor Lutheran Church, I got inspired to do this design.  The main beam of the cross has two Ravens one up and one down, because you never know about Raven, he will pop up or down on a whim.  The cross beam has two upright Eagles because Eagle is upright and steady.  The center of the cross is a small face with rays representing the Sun, which is also a symbol of the Son of God.  So you see, both worlds, both cultures, overlapping symbols and I had so much fun!arbor


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  1. Barb Spafford says:

    You are sooooo talented. Those are beautiful. How big are they?

    • Owen Walker says:

      They are a little over 2.5 inches tall, I think I was told to make them 2 inches but I got carried away by the process! It was really fun to male a different sort of object.

  2. Owen Walker says:

    Actually Barb I just measured the pattern (after Janet said “they are bigger than that.”) the length is 4 inches and the width is 3 inches!

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