Pam’s Custom Dream Ring


14kt yellow gold dream ring with 2ct diamond

14kt gold Dream Ring with 2ct diamond

Recycling old family jewelry is a favorite at Walker Goldsmiths. A longtime friend came to us with a little bag of jewelry that she had stashed for some time because she didn’t know what to do with it. Her mother had passed away leaving her with some jewelry that was not her “style”, she had some old rings that she didn’t like anymore, broken pendants, chains with various bits and pieces of precious stones and metal. Owen also repaired what Pam wanted repaired and sized rings to her satisfaction. One of the rings from her mothers estate was a gorgeous 2 carat diamond, but the setting was beyond gaudy by Pam’s standards. And nowhere could she sell it today and get the true value of it in return, plus she kinda’ liked it, as did her husband.

14kt yellow gold 2carat diamond ring

Pams gorgeous diamond ring

Pam came out to visit us one day so excited because she’d had a dream about a ring that she fell in love with, so we drew it up on paper. She went home and I proceeded to carve it in wax. I called her when I was done and she came out to see it and was so happy that it was just like in her dream! Owen cast it up in her 14kt yellow gold and set the diamond with the crown in the ring. We called her to tell her it was done and she and her husband came out to Walker Goldsmiths Studio to pick it up. She was so excited! And indeed it was her Custom Dream Ring come true. Thanks Pam for letting Walker Goldsmiths facilitate that dream for you!

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  1. vickie mckee says:

    it is stunning, beautifuly done, no suprise coming from you two. As you have done some recycling for me as well …you two are great artist. Am glad to be related by marriage to you. with love vickie

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