Ravens and Thor’s Hammer combined on a Custom Engagement Ring

Sterling Silver Double Raven Custom Engagement Ring with 1 ct. Black Diamond

Sterling Silver Double Raven Engagement Ring with 1 ct. Black Diamond

Walker Goldsmiths was contacted this spring by a young man with a wonderful Custom Engagement Ring idea.  His sweetheart is a lovely Nordic lady and he wanted to surprise her with a Custom Engagement Ring that would “blow her out of the water”!  They had a trip to Norway planned and his idea was to present the ring to her on the trip.  So we excitedly rose to the occasion and got to work! Owen kept saying “Krumi”, and I asked “What?”  He said, “It’s Icelandic and means Raven in Old Norse!”  He’s fun that way!

Mike is a Professional Musician in the Portland, OR, area with the heavy metal band, UADA.  Lynsay, his sweetheart, is a gorgeous modern day Nordic beauty.  Mike asked me, “Lynsay is fascinated by Black Diamonds and could we find a beautiful one?”  So we pulled out all the stops and found a beautiful, round full cut, 1 Carat Black Diamond.  He had been searching our website, www.walkergoldsmiths.com, and found the selfsizer Lovebirds Ring that he liked, but wondered if we could create something using a Black diamond and a double Raven motif. We loved the idea and we had to hurry because it was to be all done for their trip to Norway, Lynsay’s ancestral home.  The Custom Double Raven Ring was to be made in Sterling Silver and the crown for the 1 ct. Diamond was to be 14kt White Gold.  Diamonds were set in the eyes of the Ravens and a Thor’s Hammer carved into the wax on the wings.  This was a Lost Wax process, one of a kind Custom Engagement Ring, a Northwest Coast/Celtic blend special for Lynsay.

Lynsay emailed me a lovely story of Michael’s surprise proposal, “My ancestors were from Norway and I’ve spent my life obsessed with the folklore and culture.  The  proposal couldn’t have been more magical…we were on a boat ride through a fjord in Norway, when the announcement came over the loudspeaker that we would be stopping beneath a waterfall…  Mike and I stood next to the waterfall, and he took my hand, slipped the ring onto my finger, and said “Will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes!

Very romantic marriage proposal under a waterfall in Norway

Marriage proposal under the waterfall in Norway

  I love everything about it- the Odin’s ravens (I’m constantly petting their beaks), the tiny Thor’s hammers, the black diamond, the white diamond eyes, the shading…it’s just perfect! “


Custom Black Diamond Raven Engagement Ring

Lynsay said Yes!! Custom Black Diamond Raven Engagement Ring

This Custom Engagement Ring was very much fun to make for these sweet kids.  Thank you, Michael Beck for this challenge.  I have Nordic blood also through my Scottish Clan Gunn so it was extra special for me.Walker Goldsmiths can’t relate well to heavy metal rock music but we can make Custom Engagement Rings that Rock!





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  1. Traci says:

    Thank You for this, Janet! It is sure to go far both as a keepsake for Mike and Lynsay and to all of their friends and relatives for ‘the rest of the story’. What a kind and beautifully written explanation!

    Lynsay’s Mom

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