Recycled Jewelry with Old European Cut Diamonds makes a Beautiful Custom Wedding Ring

Red Gold and Old European Cut Diamonds in Custom Wedding Ring

14kt Red Gold and Old European Cut Diamonds in Custom Wedding Ring

Walker Goldsmiths received a message from a woman who wanted to recycle a pile of old jewelry to make a new Custom Wedding Ring.  We’ve known this lovely Alicia for years now and she’s a busy lady, but she’s managed to do some looking around to find what she likes and doesn’t like.  After messaging back and forth we came up with a way to make her what she wanted.  “I have a question for you about rings! I saw the incredible custom wedding set you did recently. That ring is gorgeous! It got me thinking about doing a custom ring with some stones and gold I have that are just sitting in my jewelry box. So… I was wondering how the process works? I have two rings that I saw that I really like. I’ve attached several photos.   ……….Because of the weight on top and the thin band, my current ring “hangs” down on my finger. It’s not well balanced which feels awkward on my finger. I just never wear it and it’s sad!”

We said, “Yah! Let’s do it!! No good sitting in the jewelry box! Thanks for appreciating the latest custom piece we did. The process would be to choose the design you like best that can fit the stones you have…maybe shoot me a picture of your jewelry and I can guide you. Also find out what size you are by going to a jewelry store and asking them to size you accurately. We do this kind of thing thru the mail/email all the time:)”

The process began… come to find out, Alicia had an old platinum ring that had 3 gorgeous Old European cut diamonds that she wanted to use.  We bought her metal and a few other diamonds and proceeded to make her a new ring. I love these antique diamonds and was very excited to create with them.  At first I thought they were Old Mine Cut Diamonds, but upon closer look saw that they were indeed truly round like Old Euro Cut Diamonds.  Old Miner Cuts are more squarish shape, but totally beautiful.  The Old European cut diamond or “Old Euro Cut” was the primary diamond shape wanted in the Art Deco Era, the era of style and modernity, 1910-30’s.  This Old Euro Cut has a high crown, small table, and a large, flat culet, the bottom tip of the diamond where all the facets come to a point. With 58 facets, it is the predecessor of today’s modern round brilliant cut.  The old European cut diamond has a round shape, a higher crown, and greater total depth than the modern round brilliant. This cut of diamond allows it’s own personality and subtle colors to shine plus the stones’ generally higher carat weight when compared to modern stones makes them more valuable, as does their antique rarity.  European cut diamonds are vintage gems with great character and distinction. These diamonds primarily originated in Brazil or India from the early 1700’s.

Old European Cut Stone Shape

Old European Cut Stone Shape

Alicia's Old European Diamonds set in Red Gold Custom Wedding Ring

Alicia’s Old European Diamonds set in Red Gold Custom Wedding Ring



Alicia knew what she had with these diamonds and wanted something with an Art Deco look.  She also is a beautiful redhead and the idea of a 14 kt Red Gold Custom Wedding Ring appealed to her.  Walker Goldsmiths was pleased and excited to create this ring.  Thank you, Alicia, it was very much fun to make this Art Deco Custom Wedding Ring for you.


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