Red Gold Celtic Loveknot Diamond Engagement Ring

Red Gold Loveknot Diamond Engagement Ring

Red Gold Loveknot Diamond Engagement Ring

This Red Gold Celtic Loveknot Diamond Engagement Ring was a joy for Walker Goldsmiths to create.   We were contacted by the bride-to-be’s mother and her fiance’ to make this family heirloom for the bride.  It was to be somewhat of a surprise.  The diamond for this ring is a gift/heirloom from mom. The fiance’ and bride had discussed what color gold and possibly a few other ideas.  Cameron’s  fiance’ contacted me directly with pictures of rings they liked and Walker Goldsmiths set him straight about which designs were really doable for a diamond of this large size.

Mom sent us the diamond and some other gold to be recycled and I set to work carving the wax, sending pictures to fiance’, Spencer, all along the way.  Cameron has a long line of Celtic heritage so the Triskelion/Celtic Loveknot was of genuine interest.  Owen lost wax cast the ring in 14kt Red Gold ready to set the 6 prong Platinum crown with the 1.2 kt diamond in the ring.

This Loveknot symbology has immense appeal for a variety of reasons, not only their new love and plans for a life of love and eternal family together, but the Triskelion/Loveknot manages to transition across boundaries of race, religion, culture and geography with ease.  In Christian tradition, the Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is often represented by the sacred number 3; the three leaves or legs of the Triskelion Loveknot.  The design is a good representation of the coming together of two people who have and want a God centered life together.

Walker Goldsmiths hurried along to accommodate the plans for an Engagement party and Photography date.  We were very blessed to be a part of this exciting family event and creating this 14 kt Red Gold Celtic Loveknot Diamond Engagement Ring  was exceptional fun.  Thank you!

Side View of Red Gold Loveknot Engagement Ring

Side View of Red Gold Loveknot Engagement Ring.




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