Ring for a Princess

Ring For A Princess

Ring For A Princess

Time has been flying around the Walker Goldsmiths Studio this month of July; some weddings, two family reunions, lots of family visiting, tending the garden, finishing up the Alaska jewelry orders and fitting in custom jewelry work.

One of the beautiful pieces of jewelry that went out of the studio this season was the “Ring for a Princess“. A real joy to make since the stones were so beautiful as were the folks that commissioned it. This ring was made entirely out of their Recycled family gold and their stones. As we’ve said before, what good is that broken jewelry in the back of the jewelry box, the pieces of jewelry that are family heirlooms that don’t fit anyone or aren’t your style? We take that jewelry apart and use what’s still strong and sturdy, melt down the old pieces and cast them into new shapes of your design, provide new crowns if need be or set the stones any manner that you like. We have many different stones available and can buy your gold and silver to pay for work done by us. Walker Goldsmiths will guide you every step of the way with all questions answered and rest assured we specialize in royalty!

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