“Salmon Caviar” Trade Bead Bracelet

Salmon Caviar Trade Bead Bracelet

Salmon Caviar Trade Bead Bracelet

This Trade Bead Bracelet is a beautiful combination of reds; Coral, Carnelian, Agates, Hudson’s Bay White Hearts, Amber, Jade and Czech Glass with an oval of Abalone Shell to give a nod to the sea, home of the delicious Salmon.

I like to use black lip mussel shell buttons as clasps. They are strong and easy to put on; no fussy clasps that are hard to clasp up with one hand.  This is colorful, easy to wear and Trade Beads. What could be nicer?

Salmon eggs are a wonderful delicacy here on the NW Coast.  One of the best Clam Chowders I’ve ever experienced was served at the opening Potlatch for the Big House at Alert Bay, Cormorant Island, BC, Canada.  The chowder was the usual mix of clams, spuds, celery, bacon and then the highlight; salmon eggs!  Wow, was it delicious! Try making it yourself, you’ll love the combination.

I custom make this Trade Bead Bracelet to whatever length you might need, generally 8 inches long.  For sale; $150. Free Shipping in the USA.


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