Sea Bear Bracelet


Photo of Hand carved sterling Sea Bear Bracelet

Hand carved sterling Sea Bear Bracelet

If you lived in a lovely green land that was filled with bears both black and grizzly and did most of your traveling on the sea you would call the animal that we call a sea lion today, a Sea Bear.  Grizzly bears eat salmon, sea bears eat salmon, people eat salmon therefore we are all pretty much the same.  The logic is unassailable.  The old mythos of the coast is that all the creatures have their own villages where they take off their animal suits and eat around the fire with their families like everyone else.

Photo of Hand carved sterling Sea Bear Bracelet

Another view of Hand carved sterling Sea Bear Bracelet

The Sea Bear is one of the family crests of the Raven Clan.  Almost any characteristic that can be attributed to the grizzly bear also applies to the sea Bear, indeed in some old stories the two are not really considered as two different bears.  The sea bear is seen as a grizzly bear that has taken to living in the sea.  Perhaps they loved eating fish so much that they just stopped coming to shore.

Bears are associated with powerful primal instincts. Those with this totem are often strong and creative. As water is the creative element in the world, the Sea Bear Spirit is associated with creativity and wealth, and protection of family and loved ones.  This design was first created in the late 1970’s and has survived about a dozen incarnations, as I was not happy with it at first, so it got changed and tweaked over and over, until now, well even now because I usually change something each time I carve it.  Maybe it is so changeable because it is a water creature!

photo of Hand carved sterling Sea Bear Bracelet

Side view of Hand carved sterling Sea Bear Bracelet



Hand-carved Sterling Silver Sea Bear Bracelet by Owen Walker, 1.25 inch width, tapering slightly to 1 inch with Abalone inlaid eyes.




D 18 price: $600.00





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