Shanon’s Custom Art Deco Wedding Ring

Custom Art Deco style Wedding Ring with Diamonds

14 kt White Gold Art Deco Wedding Ring

I had been thinking and exploring Art Deco Jewelry designs here at Walker Goldsmiths when Shanon came to visit. She conveniently gave me an opportunity to explore a possibility when she said she wanted to recycle her present wedding ring set. I was excited, even though I had a lot of other work on my bench, as this was something different and a nice treat for my brain.

She had a large, gorgeous Solitaire ring, over a carat diamond, and another band with 7 Marquis diamonds and she wanted to use 4 of them with the 1 carat in a single ring.  As we worked together searching and designing, some of the pictures and ideas for rings that appealed to her were hinting at the Art Deco style. (See me doing a happy dance here!) Shanon was very cooperative and gave me freedom to create.

Art Deco emphasizes geometric forms with the design elements often arranged in symmetrical patterns. I often think of architecture when I think Art Deco since there are some incredibly beautiful buildings around the world with Deco designing inside and out. Whenever I’ve had the opportunity to see them I’ve been drawn to the flowing symmetry and control. Stunning beauty comes to mind. Shanon is my son in law’s sister, wife of Matthew, mom of Ashley and Cameron, a Realtor in her professional life in Apex, N.C. and also a stunning beauty. So what better fit?

We started with the drawing process, then on to wax carving and placement of crowns for the stones. Shanon approved the wax I had carved and we were off to lost wax casting. Walker Goldsmiths always insists that ANY large stone, especially diamonds, will be set in Platinum crowns for safety and durability. We felt that the marquis’ would do fine in white gold crowns.

Custom Wax to be Cast in 14k

Custom Wedding Ring Wax to be Cast in 14k

Owen cast the Custom Art Deco Wedding Ring in 14k white gold and then stone setting was next to be accomplished. The ring turned out beautiful and now Shanon has a ring to be happy with and Matthew can love seeing his gorgeous gift on his wife’s finger. Thanks guys! Too fun!!

Art Deco Ring before crown and stone setting

Art Deco Ring before crown and stone setting


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  1. Shanon Davis says:

    The ring is beautiful and I get so many complements on it weekly. I love the way it throws the light and sparkles. There is something beautiful to behold no matter what angle you view it from. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! You are fantastic.

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