Sterling Silver Beaver Tag by Adam Mills

Busy as a Beaver is a reality. Creative, artistic and determined Beavers are traditionally known for their hard work. Have you ever seen a Beaver lodge? It’s quite an amazing and ingenious construction created by nature’s greatest engineer. The lodge and the dams they build provide safety and protection for the family. One of the primary reasons beavers build dams is to surround their lodge with water for protection from predators like early man and his moat around his castle.

One story in Northwest American Indian mythology is of the first Beaver who was a woman who loved to swim. Sadly, she had a husband who was not a very good provider and when he returned home empty handed from hunting he would take his frustrations out on her. The legend tells of her staying away from their home for longer and longer periods of time for her own safety when she expected him to come home. Her favorite retreat was to swim in the pond and as time went by she naturally created an environment in the pond for her and her children’s safety and comfort. The legend even tells of her big leather work apron evolving into a very functional tail to enable her to swim faster and build with. This Beaver woman was a wise creature that showed the people how to cut down trees and build with them so they could also be safe and warm in the long wet winters.


Sterling Silver Beaver Tag handcarved by Adam Mills

Sterling Silver Beaver Tag hand carved by Adam Mills

Adam Mills has been hand engraving and learning from Master Engraver Owen Walker at Walker Goldsmiths now for over a year and has come up with a wonderful line of Northwest Totem motif  Sterling Silver Dog Tags. The Beaver is the totem symbol of a carver and a builder and Adam’s Beaver Tag would make a wonderful gift for that builder in your life.

Personal engraving can be done on the back for an extra charge. Order yours for $150.00 + Shipping & Handling.
Hand Carved ~ Sterling Silver Beaver Dog Tag ~ by Adam Mills
1″ by 2″ with 24″ .8MM Nickel plated Steel bead chain

Unit Price: 150.00
Shipping for US & CA: $5.00

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