Sterling Silver Handcarved Raven and the Moon Pendant  

Raven and the Moon with keepsake Tahitian Pearl

Handcarved Raven and the Moon Sterling Silver Pendant with keepsake Tahitian Pearl

This Sterling Silver Handcarved “Raven and the Moon” Pendant  was carved by Owen Walker for a Christmas gift to Ingrid’s daughter.  Ingrid came to us with the carved   12 mm Tahitian Pearl and the beautiful grey/silver 10 mm pearl with an idea for a gift for her daughter.  Her daughter is working exceptionally hard on her degree and future career so Ingrid wanted to gift her something beautiful and significant.

Walker Goldsmiths can accommodate!  This was a very fun project that incorporated Owen’s carving and my beading techniques.  This Northwest Coast style Raven design by Owen is a beauty that Walker Goldsmiths has found to be very popular and handsome. The Sterling Silver Handcarved Raven is 1  3/4 inches in diameter.

I’ve only occasionally seen carved pearls; someone carves through the natural shell-like nacre going only so deep to create a pattern or texture on the pearl.  It’s pretty interesting and creates a beauty all it’s own.  We had a selection of 8 mm Blue lace agate beads that Ingrid thought would go well with the pearls.    “The Blue Lace Agate crystal is a symbol of freedom, and serenity. It represents a place with plenty of open space to breathe and just do your thing. In our world filled with constant noise, pressure, and stress, the Blue lace Agate crystal has an immediate calming influence, it helps you to shed any stress to embody a calmer state of mind.” …by the Energy Muse.

We went ahead with the creation and it is sensational.  Thanks, Ingrid, for the fun Walker Goldsmiths  had with you creating this beautiful Sterling Silver Handcarved Raven and the Moon Pendant.  You are every girl’s dream of a mom!

Sterling Silver Raven with the Moon Pendant

Sterling Silver Handcarved Raven and the Moon Pendant




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