Sterling Silver Northwest Box Ring created by Walker Goldsmiths

Photo of Sterling NW Box Ring

Sterling NW Box Ring

The sterling silver Northwest Box Ring was created by Walker Goldsmiths as a representation of a traditional Northwest Coast Style Carved Bentwood Box. An actual bentwood box is just that; a box created using hot water or steam to bend the wood. The outer side is carved and painted to include totems and mystical characters. I imagined a village after a flood with a box of dried salmon floating downstream, waterlogged, with only one carved corner sticking up waiting to be found.



What are these boxes used for? Traditionally they were created by all the Northwest Coast Tribes to store precious items and even to cook in with hot stones. They are incredibly functional. In the far north, Alaska, they were made with Yellow Cedar and even further north made from Spruce. In the southern northwest Salish lands they were made from Red Cedar. Any manner of things can be stored in them. Being Cedar they are very impervious to bugs, they have a heavy top and bottom, can be made all sizes and are exceptionally beautiful. Often they are painted; the Haida historically have carved and painted beautiful intricate family crests or designs of significance on their boxes. Walker Goldsmiths created this Sterling Silver Northwest Box Ring to celebrate the fabulous art tradition of the Northwest Coast Indians.

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Photo of Haida Bentwood Box

Haida Bentwood Box

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