Trade Beads and Artifact in Golden Colors

Yellow toned Trade Beads witth Bone Toggle Artifact

Trade Beads with Bone Toggle Artifact

Walker Goldsmiths purchased a treasure of Artifacts from a trader that included some marvelous ancient Arctic worked Bone and Ivory pieces. The pieces are fragments of bone and ivory that were used by the natives for practical everyday items such as sled runners, bundle toggles, fish spear points, harpoon valve and parts. These artifacts sometimes had carvings on them and often work worn scars. The items were made of bone, Walrus Ivory and even Mastodon Ivory. The Eskimo and Inuit Natives used and still use whatever is at hand for survival. I found it pretty exciting to examine these artifacts and with Owen’s Archeology experience we were able to determine what they were used for. There are some that are just fragments that are unidentifiable but they as still beautiful because they retain the spirit and energy of the human hands that formed them and the functions that they performed.

This Trade Bead Necklace, TBA45, has a Bone Toggle as the center pendant. The holes were all predrilled on the bone for use as a toggle so it fit perfect on this necklace. Time buried in the beach or ground has given it a wonderful golden patina. Can you imagine what bundles it cinched or packages it helped keep packed on a sled? It’s fun to picture the use of these artifacts. The age could be anywhere from a couple hundred years to a couple thousand years. It’s really difficult to determine the age of organic artifacts from the Arctic.

I choose yellows and golden beads to accent this Toggle. Bone and Ivory, Horn, Venetian Vaselines, Amber, yellow Gooseberries, Carnelian, and some brass beads all lend themselves well to the color of the Toggle. Most of these beads are all genuine previously traded beads from the 1800’s or earlier.

No two Trade Bead and Artifact Necklaces are the same because no two Artifacts are the same. Also each bead on these Necklaces are individual handmade works of art.

Walker Goldsmiths is selling this TBA45 for $250.00


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