Variations on a Celtic Knot – Custom Celtic Wedding Rings Revisited

A young couple who have determined to make their relationship permanent contacted Walker Goldsmiths with old family gold in hand wanting Custom Wedding Rings. They had a vague idea of what they wanted and after a couple of brainpickin’ sessions we firmed it all up into two gorgeous two-colored gold Custom Celtic Wedding Ring designs. We called this “Variations on a Celtic Knot”.

Photo of Celtic Love Knots and Claddagh Custom Wedding Rings

Celtic Love Knots and Claddagh Custom Wedding Rings

Dan was the most traditional of the couple who chose Celtic Eternal love Knots surrounding a Claddagh in 14kt white Gold, a 5 pt. diamond in the center with two thin bands of red gold on either side of the center ring.  Jenica had a harder time determining what she wanted to have for a wedding ring and was worried about too big of a ring; she wanted a dainty look.  She was used to minimal jewelry but did have a lovely ring that she liked so we took off from there and created something similar in shape.  Jenica got in the swing of designing a ring after Dan had made up his mind about the two color gold.  She was happy about the 25 pt. diamond that Dan’s Mother had donated to the venture.  The result was a two color white and red gold ring with the 25pt.diamond bezel set in the center of an engraved sunburst with a red gold Love Knot on either side.

Line drawing of Claddagh design


The Claddagh is two hands holding a crowned heart representing “you are holding my heart” or “you are the queen or king of my heart”.  The joining hands, heart and crown represent a perpetual bond of friendship, love and loyalty.

The Triskelion or Celtic Love Knot has been used in Celtic culture for many centuries to represent infinity and eternity.  It is a knot with no end and nothing can be more infinite and eternal than love.  The diamonds also represent unchanging love. The latin name for diamond is Adamantine, meaning unchangeable.  We have been honored to have been a part of this process of symbolizing human emotion into metal and stone…Thank you Jenica and Dan.

Photo of Owen Walker setting Jenica's .25pt diamond

Owen Walker setting Jenica’s 25pt diamond

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  1. Sue-Ellen Seamands says:

    We are very interested in the celtic love knot wedding set. Is this set available for purchase? Thank you Sue Ellen and Lance

    • Janet Walker says:

      Hello, Sue-Ellen, Yes, this set is available for purchase, altho it is a custom made set. And it would be for you too. Please email me, [email protected] and we can talk about it! I’ll need to know the sizes you’ll need and the colors of gold you want and if you want or have a diamond for the ring 🙂 It’s all doable and fun!

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