Walker Goldsmiths Booth at the 2012 Seattle Gift Show

Photo of Walker Goldsmiths Booth 2012 Seattle Gift Show

Walker Goldsmiths Booth 2012 Seattle Gift Show

Walker Goldsmiths did the Seattle Gift Show again this year and it’s been fun to see lots of old friends from AK and the lower 48.  We definitely noticed that the buying was slower and more cautious in volume and that folks are totally sick of having to be this way because of the slow $.  I think people who are in the retail market love the challenge and adventure of selling and providing what the customer wants.  I’m sure that there are all kinds of studies done on the psychology of it all.  We like being the provider of goods to these retail people and we too enjoy the adventure and challenge. There are always folks looking for new products not made in Bali or China and that’s where we shine.  All of our jewelry is made by hand by us in our studio in the USA!  We had Adam Mill’s new line of Sterling TAGS that were well accepted, and the bronze tiles and sculptures were items of interest and sold pretty well too. Of course we had a huge selection as always of Owen Walker’s Hand Carved Sterling Bracelets with and without abalone inlays, hand carved Earrings and Pendants, Janet’s lost wax cast Rings, our Potlatch Collection of cast Earrings and Pendants and Janet’s Trade Bead Collection.  Owen also sets up a mini engraving demonstration to show folks just how he works his magic.

Photo of Owen Walker and customer at the Seattle Gift Show

Owen Walker with customer at the Seattle Gift Show 2012

The crazy weather kept a noticeable amount of people away.  Television weather people were telling everyone to “stay home if you don’t actually have to go out”, so some did. More old customers than new showed up, those Alaskans are a hardy bunch. We did pick up a new customer that bought a substantial amount of jewelry and they are located in WA.  There’s every indication that there will be repeat purchases from this new account.  Each product that Walker Goldsmiths had for sale takes a special customer; relatively high end northwest native style jewelry and/or a market for bronze sculpture.  Both categories sold somewhat, so all in all it has been a slow show, but not a bad show!

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  1. Joel B. Allison says:

    I just ordered ring #315 (Potlatch Wolf) for a size 12, but I’m not sure that information got conveyed properly. If you have any questions email me. Thanks. I appreciate you newsletter. Joel

    • Janet Walker says:

      Hi Joel, Yes, your message was received and we just happen to have a #315 Potlatch Wolf on hand in size 12. No waiting for casting or anything! Lucky boy! So we’ll be contacting you to how you want it sent. Thank You, you’re going to love this wild fellow!!

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