Walker Goldsmiths made Rudy’s Custom Sapphire and Diamonds Ring

Photo of Rudy's Custom Sapphire and diamonds ring

Rudy’s Custom Sapphire and Diamonds 10kt yellow gold ring

Walker Goldsmiths made Rudy’s custom sapphire and diamonds ring and delivered it to him last week when we traveled to see family.  Rudy is Owens cousin’s husband who lives in Utah.  We’ve visited them on and off for many years. The last time that we visited, Rudy gave Owen a handful of old 10 kt yellow gold rings that had belonged to his father, who had since passed away.  He wanted Owen to recycle the gold and make him a custom sapphire and diamonds ring. Rudy wanted a big blue stone and some diamonds to remember his dad. Of course, we were glad to do it.

I had a good idea of what it should look like so I started carving wax and the ring took shape.  Rudy’s not a big guy but he works hard and uses his hands all the time.  His ring would be a size 11.5.  Now that’s pretty substantial!  As for the big blue stone we contacted a stone dealer that we like to do business with to get a good product and purchased a 10 x 14 mm man made deep bright blue Sapphire which is a beautiful and durable stone.  Owen also purchased 6 – 8pt. diamonds.  I finished the wax carving; Owen cast the ring using Rudy’s fathers gold rings and set the diamonds and sapphire.  We loved the results.  We were going down to UT to see a bunch of the family so we swung around to Rudy and Linda’s to find them home.  Owen gave Rudy the custom sapphire and diamonds ring; he was very pleased and it fit perfectly. Rudy has a wonderful appreciation of family and the importance of memories, plus…Rudy likes flash!


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