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KKB Initial Pendant by Owen Walker

14kt gold Initial Pendant by Owen Walker

Walker Goldsmiths basically does two types of jewelry construction; Fabrication and Casting. This jewelry challenge was brought to us by Kat who wanted a Custom Initial Pendant gift for her husband. She saw the Fabricated Carved Bracelets by Owen Walker on our website and thought that he had the “right stuff” to do this job that she envisioned.

This challenge would be a Fabrication; one of the jewelry making categories or specialized skills using cutting, bending, and assembling. In this instance there would also be creating an ingot of gold, alloying it to 14kt and color, rolling it to the correct thickness, sawing out the shape, engraving/carving, sanding, soldering and polishing instead of being assembled from ready made components.

Kat wanted her initials on a heavy, thick pendant of 14kt yellow gold for her husband to wear. Owen helped her figure out just what thickness, height and width would work best for her husband’s gold pendant so the cost would not be too expensive. Kat’s husband is a big guy and she didn’t want something so small that it was lost on him! Owen can make it however the customer needs because he has the skills and tools to do the job.

This Custom Initial Pendant was to be 1.5 mm thick, 20mm high and 30mm wide, perfect for a big guy. Walker Goldsmiths has the capability to make items of jewelry like this because we alloy our own gold for whatever color or carat, and we roll our gold in our shop so we’re not bound by what we’d have to purchase from suppliers. You can commission Walker Goldsmiths to make almost anything that you can imagine, like your initials for your sweetie to wear.

Pencil drawing of KKB initial pendant to be fabricated by Owen Walker

Drawing for fabrication by Owen Walker of 14kt gold inital pendant


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  1. Josh says:

    I’m looking for a custom pendant gold plated something simple it’s my company logo I want to hand out to my employees

  2. Mike Martin says:


    I am looking to get a gold plated charm made from my Charities logo. Would you guys be able and willing to take on this request? Please email me at my email address provided and I can email you our logo in return. Thank you so much!

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